There may yet be more

So it’s been a long time since I last visited this project. The short story, is my life’s more or less been turned upside down since I started, I’m now living in a completely different country and have a completely different set of priorities.

That said, I’ve not once forgotten about this – I said it before, the project isn’t dead until I say it is.

In fact, it’s not like I never started work on the next episode. I’m now using a laptop over my old tower which I no longer have access to, and I’ve been running on a very limited set of data each month for internet. So if I do complete episode 6, I will unfortunately need assistance with the distro. It could be done, I’ve retained EVERY file related to this project in the process of the move. I even have a complete set of raws of the series stored on this machine. It’s just been very difficult to justify devoting time to this project given a lot of other things I have to deal with.

So when will episode 6 be done? I make no promises, but I would like to try for soon. Just if any of you still visiting here for whatever crazy reason are willing to help with the distro, let me know. Specifically, creating and seeding torrents – I can probably manage to upload a DDL.

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Mazinger-Z 05

And we’re back!

In style? Maybe, you decide.  This episode’s been a long time coming, so have some links, and I’ll save my ramblings for after the release notes:

Episode 5: DDL|TORRENT|.ass

Release notes:

  • No QC this time, so I apologise for any mistakes in advance. I’ll do a v2 script if necessary.
  • A lot of guesswork went into some of the lines here as HK subs were useless, but I’m mostly playing it by ear now anyway and it seems to be coming out OK. As always, you’ll find watchability over accuracy here.

Well, I’m glad to be back to some sort of normality that I’m able to work on this. Honestly, things are still busy, but I don’t want to give up regardless – I’ll keep working on it a little a day when I can, which is pretty much how this episode got done. There was just a bit of extra effort put in tonight to finish it off.

In short, the project is still alive until I  say otherwise.

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Just so you know, I’m not stuck in Japan or anything

…No, I don’t have subs for Ep 5 complete yet so don’t get too excited. I was hoping to get them done ASAP and have episode 5 be my next post, but have been hellishly busy catching up with just about everything and haven’t gotten to it yet. An email concerned for my safety in light of the current calamity occuring in Japan has spurred me to update the site to confirm I’m very much safe and home.

I returned last week as planned, I suppose I did narrowly avoid disaster. Then again, I wasn’t anywhere that the Tsunami would have hit so chances are I’d still be fine.

I may as well take the chance to say a few words about the trip here. I stayed in Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo across the two weeks with my girlfriend, and had the chance to see Hiroshima and Nara too. We visited plenty of temples and shrines while staying in Osaka and Kyoto, the highlight of which was undoubtedly Fushimi Inari Taisha, which we visited late at night when there was absolutely nobody there, and climbed to the top and back, just about catching the last train back. In sheer scale and awesomeness, no other temple or shrine came close, and reaching the top is certainly an achievement – I can’t recommend it enough to anyone visiting Kyoto, as long as you have the guts to take it on.

Tokyo was great too, we visited the Ghibli Museum and Tokyo Disneysea, and the city was certainly impressive with a fantastic subway network so we managed to see a good few districts in our short time there. Honestly, you could probably make a whole trip out of just Tokyo itself.

So yeah, it wasn’t exactly the Otaku pilgrimage that I’m sure many dream of but there’s really more to the country than that. I did have a chance to see the new Macross F movie, did encounter Mazinger once in manga form on a bookshelf in a fantastic Taco cafe located in Koenji, grabbed a few volumes of One Piece manga as I’m a sucker for it and it was littered just about everywhere in ridiculous quantities, and picked up a copy of Catherine, but that’s about it as far as that stuff goes.

I could probably go on, but this isn’t really a personal blog, so that should be enough to confirm my safe return and satisfy anyone’s curiousity.

That’s all until episode 5 – Still busy, but hopefully I can start getting a bit of work in on this project soon.

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The following month

So, I feel it’s about time I let everyone know that I’m going to be in Japan for two weeks from the 17th of February, and so I’ve been pretty damn busy lately (and will be until I’m back) making sure I’m on top of uni before I leave, and am fully prepared for the trip. This is something I’ve been planning for months now, so I could/should have maybe mentioned sooner, but figured no point until it’s actually affecting releases.

That said I’m not going to give up on working on Mazinger (ep5 is underway), I just have many fewer opportunities in which to work on it because I have a lot to take care of. So obviously there’ll be no releases while I’m gone, and they shall slow to a trickle in the meantime.

So, expect ep 5 some time soon, along with whatever I can squeeze out by the 17th,  but no releases from then until I’m back, guaranteed.

Edit: Okay, episode 5 I have started on, but I’m only getting busier. I’ll see if I can find the time to finish it off before I leave, but I can’t promise it. Hopefully once I get back some sort of glorious rise from the ashes will be possible.

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Mazinger-Z 04

Well, this episode has simultaneously amused and annoyed me the most out of any so far.

But here it is in all its glory(?). There wasn’t much gold in the Hong Kong subs this week, if you’re wondering what’s up with the picture. While the above is not representative of the release, it was honestly difficult to avoid making the script funny this time.

I can’t speak for what my release schedule will be in the coming weeks, but hopefully the following episodes don’t give me as much trouble as this one did. I unfortunately wasn’t able to stick to my within-a-week schedule, here. I went that extra mile to get this one as good as I’m going to at least, read the release notes if you care.

Episode 4: DDL|TORRENT|.ass

Release notes:

  • I now have someone QC’ing releases, so the release should be (english) error-free.
  • This episode gave me a headache. The raws audio went approximately 0.831 seconds out of sync following the mid-episode point. Took me a while to diagnose exactly what went wrong with the desync, and to fix it. I’m not certain I got it perfect, but if it’s out of sync it’s by less than 1/100 of a second as opposed to by almost a whole second.
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Project Status

Work on episode 4 is commencing.

I’m going to make no promises on exactly how many episodes you can expect a week, but there’s two things I felt I should give the spotlight here:

  • The number of episodes released a week WILL be irregular. That I can guarantee. Life doesn’t stay still, see. I’m still going to ambitiously leave my next-episode release schedule as “less than a week from when the last episode released”.
  • Because a mistake finally slipped by me last episode, I have secured someone I trust well to do so to QC. This person may assist in doing entire episodes at some point in the near future, although obviously their commitment to the project will not be on the level of mine. This extra step in my process means the actual time of releases will be delayed, however the rate of releases should not be.

In the meantime, if you’re starved for anime you can go watch Level-E or something since it’s about the best thing that’s started airing this season. You can however, always expect more Mazinger soon unless I specifically state otherwise.

Update: Episode 4 is >50% complete, I’m hoping to push it out tomorrow. Various things have been delaying me, including what is apparently an inconsistent audio desync in the raw I have. Turns out it’s difficult to pin it as inconsistent until you’ve already wasted time trying to desync it. Anyway, best I can do for now, I’m sure it’ll be watchable, I only noticed because I’m timing.

Update 2: Episode 4 should be out within hours.

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Mazinger-Z 03

Episode 3 has arrived, with added Boss Borot.

This weeks image was a no brainer. Although, I’d already taken two others before I got to it. As you can probably gather, this episode contains much swearing and huge evil gods. One good thing – I’m getting faster at finishing these when I actually work on them.

As a final note, I just want to dedicate this episode to my number one fan, who’s kindly put up with more than any other since I started this project.

Episode 3: DDL|TORRENT|.ass

Release notes:

  • Boss Borot is a thug. Deal with it.
  • UPDATE: I’ve kindly had an error in this episodes script pointed out by a commentor. I don’t have anyone QC’ing these so it was somewhat inevitable for something to slip by me sooner or later. In any case, the .ass link has been updated with the v2 script. I won’t v2 any actual episode files until I do the first batch (probably at 12 or so episodes), at which point I’ll do them all at once.
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